See which inclusive projects our Brussels museums are launching, get inspired by (inter)national D&I examples or get in touch with experts fighting against structural discrimination.

This list is never finished! Suggestions welcome at [email protected]

Redistributing Power – Citylab

(NL) On the road to equality, we must redistribute power – this is the starting point of Citylab’s groundbreaking document

NODE Center for Curatorial Studies

Online curatorial studies with a special focus on intersectional and inclusive approaches to curating.

Art Museum Teaching

Digital community of museum workers scrutinizing our practices, founded by Mike Murawski (Museums Are Not Neutral)

Conflict & Multiple Voices (FARO)

(NL) Publication for a multi-voiced, inclusive and open view in the heritage sector.

Museum Detox

UK network for people of colour working in museums, galleries, libraries, archives and the heritage sector.

Intersectioneel denken (ella vzw)

Ella vzw legt intersectionaliteit uit en hoe het in professionele context toe te passen.

Museum Are Not Neutral

La Tanya S. Autry & Mike Murawski bust the myth of museum neutrality

The Dutch Diversity & Inclusion Code

The code is an instrument of self-regulation that serves to ensure that the Dutch cultural and creative sector represents the broad diversity of Dutch society. A basic requirement is that the sector is equally accessible to everyone: from creators and producers to workers and audience members. The sector will only be owned by everyone when everyone can contribute in their own way, when everyone is valued, respected, and heard, and when everyone feels at home in the sector.

Musea Bekennen Kleur

(NL) Dutch museums come together to embed diversity and inclusion in the DNA of the heritage sector