See which inclusive projects our Brussels museums are launching, get inspired by (inter)national D&I examples or get in touch with experts fighting against structural discrimination.

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Guide for a feminist museum

Guide for a feminist museum, a collective work about museums and feminisms   “The association musé•e•s publishes the guide for a feminist museum, a collective work about museums and feminisms in June 2022. As there is no existing work in France on feminist approaches in the museum world, the association has directed the publication of […]

The Institute for the Equality of Women and Men

(FR & NL) “The Institute for the Equality of Women and Men is a Belgian federal institution which aims to guarantee and promote the equality of women and men as well as fight against any form of gender-based discrimination and inequality. Its principal mission is to work towards a situation where equality between women and […]

RoSa non-profit

(NL) “As a knowledge centre, RoSa wants to promote gender awareness in Flanders and thereby help eliminate the actual inequality between women and men in society. By gender, RoSa means the social ideas, expectations and norms surrounding masculinity and femininity”.

Ella non-profit

(NL) “Knowledge centre for gender and ethnicity ella wants to actively work on intersectional thinking in all sectors, in the women’s movement and in civil society, in education, the social sector and the welfare sector. ella wants more room for self-determination and diversity. ella wants to break through black and white thinking, the us-versus-them discourse. […]


The Guggenheim museum, want to create paths that lead to a more inclusive and diverse institution. Guggenheim museum does not only diversify the team, but it also amplifies the voices of Black people, Indigenous people, and people of color (BIPOC) and broaden the scope of thought and perspectives within the museum.

Restitution policy of the Royal Museum for Central Africa

In the ongoing debate regarding the restitution of African cultural heritage, the RMCA takes an open and constructive position. “The RMCA acknowledges that it is not normal for such a large part of African cultural heritage to be found in the West, given that the countries of origin have moral ownership of such heritage”.

Open Access – Cleveland Museum

“Open Access is a logical and exciting outgrowth of the CMA’s inclusive mission ‘to create transformative experiences through art, for the benefit of all the people, forever’. With this move to Open Access, the museum has transformed not only access to the CMA’s collection but also its usability inside and outside the walls of our […]

The Empathetic Museum

“The Empathetic Museum represents the collective work of museum professionals dedicated to a more inclusive future for the museum industry. We value and advocate for diversity of thought and authentic integration of empathy in museum practice”.

Inclusive Future – Wellcome Collection

“This colorful display was designed by participants and artists from Heart n Soul at The Hub, a research project led by autistic people and people with learning disabilities. There are design ideas and personal perspectives from the people who created them on display”.