See which inclusive projects our Brussels museums are launching, get inspired by (inter)national D&I examples or get in touch with experts fighting against structural discrimination.

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Restitution policy of the Royal Museum for Central Africa

In the ongoing debate regarding the restitution of African cultural heritage, the RMCA takes an open and constructive position. “The RMCA acknowledges that it is not normal for such a large part of African cultural heritage to be found in the West, given that the countries of origin have moral ownership of such heritage”.

WIELS Museum Community

“WIELS is a place of exchange. The involvement of different groups and audiences is an essential element of its functioning. Giving the opportunity to see things differently, to deepen one’s artistic practice, to enter into dialogue or to be inspired are all of the art centre’s objectives. Meetings, workshops, conferences, internships, … many activities are […]


“Now you see me Moria was initiated in August 2020 by Amir, a young Afghan refugee, and Noemì, a Spanish image editor who lives and works in the Netherlands. In an effort to make people in Europe aware of the inhumane situation in Moria, they launched an Instagram account sharing photos and stories about daily […]


“The fact that there are so many stereotypes about the Roma is partly due to their marginal position in society. This one-sided, negative image is often modified when Roma themselves are given a voice. Students of the AP University College Antwerp, the government department for Social Integration and Foyer joined forces for this exhibition in […]

The women of the Bauhaus – Design Museum Brussels

“Bauhaus is the home of the avant-garde and the foundation of modern architecture. Today, almost 100 years after being founded, the Bauhaus-masters continue to be the stars of the architecture and design history. However, the (his)story of the Bauhaus remains male dominated. Only experts know the names of the female contributors of the art school, […]

Women. Underexposed – Belfius Art Gallery,

(FR-NL) “The new exhibition in the Belfius Art Gallery, Women. Underexposed, pays tribute to the strength of women, to their perseverance as artists. Women who, over the years, have struggled to make a living from their passion and share it with the public. From the woman artist who could only exhibit her work under a […]

BXL Universel II : – Centrale For Contemporary Art

“More than an exhibition, this project is a forum-exhibition which takes the form of a patchwork of singularities and paths. (…) Questioning both the strata of cosmopolitan Brussels, and the co-inhabiting woven into it, the art centre extends to the public space and partner venues, opening its space to all for exchange and sharing around […]

Portugal Século XX: Visões Femininas – CINEMATEK

“Although an essential component of the richness of Portuguese auteur cinema, the percentage of films directed by women in Portugal is one of the lowest in Western Europe. Between 1946 and 2009, Portuguese women directors made only 40 feature films, or less than one film per year. On the scale of a modest national production […]

Q(ee)R CODES – Centrale For Contemporary Art

“The project questions the presence and experience of cis, trans and queer women in their cities. Through listening and oral research on one hand and creating new spaces of imagination, confrontation and dialogue on the other, Q(ee)R Codes – New Boundaries BXL 1000 intends to be a platform of reflection and an invitation to redefine […]