See which inclusive projects our Brussels museums are launching, get inspired by (inter)national D&I examples or get in touch with experts fighting against structural discrimination.

This list is never finished! Suggestions welcome at [email protected]

The Institute for the Equality of Women and Men

(FR & NL) “The Institute for the Equality of Women and Men is a Belgian federal institution which aims to guarantee and promote the equality of women and men as well as fight against any form of gender-based discrimination and inequality. Its principal mission is to work towards a situation where equality between women and […]

RoSa non-profit

(NL) “As a knowledge centre, RoSa wants to promote gender awareness in Flanders and thereby help eliminate the actual inequality between women and men in society. By gender, RoSa means the social ideas, expectations and norms surrounding masculinity and femininity”.

Ella non-profit

(NL) “Knowledge centre for gender and ethnicity ella wants to actively work on intersectional thinking in all sectors, in the women’s movement and in civil society, in education, the social sector and the welfare sector. ella wants more room for self-determination and diversity. ella wants to break through black and white thinking, the us-versus-them discourse. […]

The Empathetic Museum

“The Empathetic Museum represents the collective work of museum professionals dedicated to a more inclusive future for the museum industry. We value and advocate for diversity of thought and authentic integration of empathy in museum practice”.

TIP – Transgender Infopunt

The Transgender Infopunt (TIP) is a neutral, free and anonymous place for all your questions about gender diversity and the transgender theme. Organisations and institutions can contact the info point for consultancy, education or research.


(NL) Demos monitors social developments that shape the culture, youth work and sports sectors and works towards equality and participation. They stand for culture, youth work and sports that drive social change and build a more open, inclusive and democratic society.

Culture & Démocratie

(FR) Culture & Démocratie is a platform for reflection, observation, exchange and awareness-raising on what links culture and democracy. Culture & Démocratie bases its research and reflection work on several themes – prison, education, health, social work, the right to participate in cultural life, digital, territories, communities, migration(s) – which it explores each time in […]


Lasso is Brussels’ platform for cultural participation. They want art and culture to be by everyone and for everyone. That’s why they inspire and reinforce organisations by joining forces across sectors and communities. They do this in the metropolitan context of Brussels.


Foyer is a non-profit with various sections that has been building a (more) intercultural society in Brussels for more than 50 years. Our offer includes intercultural mediation, advice about multilingualism and education, a range of activities for young people and adults focusing on development and empowerment, and dialogue activities that encourage people to come together.