See which inclusive projects our Brussels museums are launching, get inspired by (inter)national D&I examples or get in touch with experts fighting against structural discrimination.

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The Guggenheim museum, want to create paths that lead to a more inclusive and diverse institution. Guggenheim museum does not only diversify the team, but it also amplifies the voices of Black people, Indigenous people, and people of color (BIPOC) and broaden the scope of thought and perspectives within the museum.

Open Access – Cleveland Museum

“Open Access is a logical and exciting outgrowth of the CMA’s inclusive mission ‘to create transformative experiences through art, for the benefit of all the people, forever’. With this move to Open Access, the museum has transformed not only access to the CMA’s collection but also its usability inside and outside the walls of our […]

Inclusive Future – Wellcome Collection

“This colorful display was designed by participants and artists from Heart n Soul at The Hub, a research project led by autistic people and people with learning disabilities. There are design ideas and personal perspectives from the people who created them on display”.

Louvre-Lens 2030

(FR) “The Scientific and Cultural Project of the Louvre-Lens is the result of a continuous and exemplary dialogue between the museum team, the public, the Louvre, the local authorities and the partners. (…) The Louvre-Lens remains a different kind of Louvre, in that it is both a promise of cultural democracy and a challenge to […]

The little feminist, anti-racist and activist dictionary

(FR) “This little feminist and anti-racist dictionary is the fruit of a collective writing process and contains a variety of viewpoints that are impertinent. It offers you a walk through the language, through these new concepts that are redrawing the map of power relations (and, of course, sometimes it makes you scream a little)”.

Beyond Afropolitan and other labels. On the Complexities of Dis-Othering as a Process.

This publication recounts the trials and tribulations of a collaborative project designed to engage with the need to deconstruct the practice of forms of “othering” in European cultural institutions.

Safe(r) Space Manifesto

Guidelines to implement measures that turn your institution into a safe(r) space for queer communities

Ecomusée du fier monde

(FR) Cultural mediation, museums, diverse audiences. Guide for an inclusive experience.

DEAI practices in American museums (CCLI)

A ground-breaking study by CCLI to better understand the current state of diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion (DEAI) practices in the museum field in the United States.