See which inclusive projects our Brussels museums are launching, get inspired by (inter)national D&I examples or get in touch with experts fighting against structural discrimination.

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“Now you see me Moria was initiated in August 2020 by Amir, a young Afghan refugee, and Noemì, a Spanish image editor who lives and works in the Netherlands. In an effort to make people in Europe aware of the inhumane situation in Moria, they launched an Instagram account sharing photos and stories about daily […]


“The fact that there are so many stereotypes about the Roma is partly due to their marginal position in society. This one-sided, negative image is often modified when Roma themselves are given a voice. Students of the AP University College Antwerp, the government department for Social Integration and Foyer joined forces for this exhibition in […]

BXL Universel II : – Centrale For Contemporary Art

“More than an exhibition, this project is a forum-exhibition which takes the form of a patchwork of singularities and paths. (…) Questioning both the strata of cosmopolitan Brussels, and the co-inhabiting woven into it, the art centre extends to the public space and partner venues, opening its space to all for exchange and sharing around […]

Culture & Démocratie

(FR) Culture & Démocratie is a platform for reflection, observation, exchange and awareness-raising on what links culture and democracy. Culture & Démocratie bases its research and reflection work on several themes – prison, education, health, social work, the right to participate in cultural life, digital, territories, communities, migration(s) – which it explores each time in […]


Foyer is a non-profit with various sections that has been building a (more) intercultural society in Brussels for more than 50 years. Our offer includes intercultural mediation, advice about multilingualism and education, a range of activities for young people and adults focusing on development and empowerment, and dialogue activities that encourage people to come together.


Arab Women’s Solidarity Association Belgium is an association of men and women of Arab, Belgian and other origin. AWSA-Be is a mixed secular association which promotes the rights of Arab women, whether they are living in their country of origin or elsewhere. 


For a more open and inclusive society towards people who migrate, the Citizens’ Platform – BXLRefugees aims to mobilise citizens and associations and join forces to change the societal stigmas surrounding migrants and refugees.

Globe Aroma

Globe Aroma is an open art house, located in Brussels. An artistic sanctuary, accessible to all, where refugees, asylum seekers, (the population of) Brussels, (the inhabitants of) the neighbourhood, the migration sector and the artistic field meet. 


(NL) The Federation for Global and Democratic Organisations connects and empowers people in today’s and tomorrow’s super-diverse society through dialogue and encounter. They strengthen the voice of people with a migration background in the public debate.