See which inclusive projects our Brussels museums are launching, get inspired by (inter)national D&I examples or get in touch with experts fighting against structural discrimination.

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Open Access – Cleveland Museum

“Open Access is a logical and exciting outgrowth of the CMA’s inclusive mission ‘to create transformative experiences through art, for the benefit of all the people, forever’. With this move to Open Access, the museum has transformed not only access to the CMA’s collection but also its usability inside and outside the walls of our […]

Louvre-Lens 2030

(FR) “The Scientific and Cultural Project of the Louvre-Lens is the result of a continuous and exemplary dialogue between the museum team, the public, the Louvre, the local authorities and the partners. (…) The Louvre-Lens remains a different kind of Louvre, in that it is both a promise of cultural democracy and a challenge to […]

The Boghossian Foundation Residency

“The Boghossian Foundation Residency seeks to welcome artists from all backgrunds at the Villa Empain. Faithful to its mission of promoting dialogue between Eastern and Western cultures, the Foundation encourages exchanges with the Middle East. Each year, the award winners of the Prize of the Boghossian Foundation in Lebanon are invited to stay at the […]


“Now you see me Moria was initiated in August 2020 by Amir, a young Afghan refugee, and Noemì, a Spanish image editor who lives and works in the Netherlands. In an effort to make people in Europe aware of the inhumane situation in Moria, they launched an Instagram account sharing photos and stories about daily […]


(NL) Demos monitors social developments that shape the culture, youth work and sports sectors and works towards equality and participation. They stand for culture, youth work and sports that drive social change and build a more open, inclusive and democratic society.

Culture & Démocratie

(FR) Culture & Démocratie is a platform for reflection, observation, exchange and awareness-raising on what links culture and democracy. Culture & Démocratie bases its research and reflection work on several themes – prison, education, health, social work, the right to participate in cultural life, digital, territories, communities, migration(s) – which it explores each time in […]


Lasso is Brussels’ platform for cultural participation. They want art and culture to be by everyone and for everyone. That’s why they inspire and reinforce organisations by joining forces across sectors and communities. They do this in the metropolitan context of Brussels.


Foyer is a non-profit with various sections that has been building a (more) intercultural society in Brussels for more than 50 years. Our offer includes intercultural mediation, advice about multilingualism and education, a range of activities for young people and adults focusing on development and empowerment, and dialogue activities that encourage people to come together.

Article 27

(FR) The mission of the non-profit association Article 27 is to raise awareness and facilitate cultural participation for all people living in difficult social and/or economic circumstances. This is done in collaboration with a network of social and cultural partners and the target audiences.