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Belgium Bearpride – Horta Museum by Visit Brussels

1 October 2021

Horta Museum GROUP VISIT


Combating violence against Women: the Role of Women with Disabilities (FR)

8 Oct. 2021
Living at the intersection of sexism and ableism, women with disabilities more often face violence and discrimination.
(Past event)

Africa is / in The Future, 6th Edition

29 sept. – 2 oct. 2021

Africa is / in the Future, the interdisciplinary festival on African and diasporic contemporaneities, is back for a new edition. AIITF invites you to change perspectives, starting from other experiences, other narratives, other aesthetics to imagine other possible futures.


Matrimony Days 2021

The Matrimony Days shed light on the historical Brussels matrimony – architectural, sculptural, urbanistic, social. On the other hand, the Matrimony Days are also an opportunity to discover the current heritage – artistic, political and feminist. (past event)

Q.Artz Festival

“After the Covid-19 pandemic made its appearances it became very clear that Pride is a verb that resonates throughout the whole year. Therefore the organisation of The Belgian Pride decided that instead of creating visibility for the LGBTI+ community only once a year, it is important to raise awareness for diversity and inclusion all year round! (Past Event)

Fashion & Lace Museum X Open Museum: Masculinities

How do we see the values of masculinity? Are they different in fashion, sports or culture? From the masculine codes of rugby to the stereotypes conveyed in the cultural world, James Brandon (Tate London) opens the debate during a free online event on 22 April.

Open Museum conference: thank you!

On Tuesday 9 March 2021 we broadcasted our very first Open Museum conference live from art house Zinnema in Anderlecht. The theme “Re-imagining Museums as Safe Spaces” dealt with the structural obstacles that museums have to overcome to become more inclusive and participatory places. We would like to thank all speakers and the almost 150 […]

BeMuseum 9 October 2020

We moderated the panel discussion “Museums and Activism: Neutrality Questioned” at BeMuseum.

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