Inclusive Language Workshops



(Past event)

How do you write in a way that is actively inclusive?


We would like to invite all of our museum partners to participate in our inclusive language workshops organized during the last few weeks of the year. With the goal of giving you the best tools available for writing in more thoughtful ways about and to the people visiting your institution.


At Brussels Museums, we’ve even developed our very own Charter of Inclusive Language.


Understanding and Writing in Inclusive Language


Take some time with our experts and learn more about the debate around inclusive language, then spend some time practicing how to writing inclusively. Join us for our training sessions Understanding and Writing in Inclusive Language with Anoushka Dufeil (FR & EN) and Eline Vermeulen (NL).


FR: Tues., 30 nov. from 9 am to 3pm
EN: Tues., 7 dec. from 9am to noon
NL: Tues., 14 dec. from 1pm to 3pm


Place: via zoom


If you are interested in attending, send an email to [email protected].