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Matrimony Days 2022

22 sept – 25 sept.   “The Matrimony Days shed light on the historical Brussels matrimony – architectural, sculptural, urbanistic, social. On the other hand, the Matrimony Days are also an opportunity to discover the current heritage – artistic, political and feminist. Beyond the discovery of Brussels’ matrimony, which is sometimes, and often even overshadowed, […]

Heritage days

  Heritage days 17 & 18 SEPT. 2022 TRACES OF COLONISATION   “Since 1989, the Heritage Days have been one of Belgium’s most keenly anticipated cultural events, drawing in thousands of visitors from Brussels, Wallonia, Flanders and beyond.” “This year’s theme concerns our relationship with colonisation and the direct and indirect links forged with the Congo […]


Saturday, 3 septembre, 2022 – 10:00 — 18:00 @ KANAL Centre Pompidou Talk – Projection   “A day of encounters, presentations and screenings on the historic & contemporary entanglements b/w architecture urban history & colonialism   While debates about the conflicted heritage of colonialism have gained momentum worldwide, this conference day confronts the fields of architectural history, […]

5days4ideas @ La Bellone

5days4ideas 6 > 10/09/2022 “5days4ideas is a space-time of meetings dedicated to the making and experimentation of ideas. 5days4ideas is about twenty guests, whose approaches cross theories, arts, and activism, and who, for five days, mix their alternatives to yours, to imagine and agitate the possible. 5days4ideas, is initiated and supported by La Bellone, house […]

Yezidis and Yezidism

  Yezidis and Yezidism 3 August 2022 → 25 September 2022   “There are 1 million Yezidis, spread all over the world, sometimes in countries where they cannot maintain their language, religion and culture. The Brussels-based Yezidis come mainly from the former Soviet Union, including Georgia, to which they once fled from Turkey. The feathers of the […]

Atypical Gait @ Korean Cultural Center

  Atypical Gait – 9th Belgian Korean Comics Exhibition 29.06.2022 – 18.09.2022   “The Korean Cultural Center organizes a 9th edition of the Belgian Korean comics exhibition. In this exhibition, 5 comic books will be presented, of which 3 are Korean and 2 Belgian; “Vivre à FranDisco” by Thierry Van Hasselt & Marcel Schmitz, “Paysage […]

Sick Architecture @CIVA

  Sick Architecture  Friday, May 6, 2022 – Sunday, August 28, 2022   “Architecture and sickness are tightly intertwined. Architectural discourse always weaves itself through theories of body and brain, constructing the architect as a kind of doctor and the client as patient.”   A bit more about the exhibition : “Every age has its […]

Feminist Days

  Feminist Days “From September 23 to October 1, 2022, the Amazon House invites you to the first edition of the “Feminist Days – Journées Féministes” that will take place at 10 Middaglijnstraat, 1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Node. This festival of collaboration and crossroads thinking will be an opportunity to celebrate together the richness and diversity of the […]

CONGO COMICS @Marc Sleen Museum

  CONGO COMICS  Until December 30, 2022 at the Marc Sleen Museum. “In 2022 it will be 100 years since Marc Sleen was born and 75 years since his most famous comic strip Nero first appeared. On the occasion of this anniversary the Marc Sleen Foundation confronts the postcolonial work of Marc Sleen with the […]