Yezidis and Yezidism



Yezidis and Yezidism

3 August 2022 → 25 September 2022


“There are 1 million Yezidis, spread all over the world, sometimes in countries where they cannot maintain their language, religion and culture. The Brussels-based Yezidis come mainly from the former Soviet Union, including Georgia, to which they once fled from Turkey. The feathers of the peacock’s tail are seen today by many Yezidis as standing for the many peoples.

During this exhibition at the MMM, you can learn more about Yezidis and Yezidism through photos, traditional clothing, the Peacock Angel, maquettes of the Lalisha Nurani temple, testimonies, interviews with Yezidis in Brussels and historical facts.
The first day of the exhibition falls on the annual commemoration of the genocidal campaign against the Yezidi minority in 2014.

This expo is a collaboration with La Maison Des Yezidis.”


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