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Handbook for welcoming and supporting people with disabilities @Brussels Museums

Brussels is a city of incredible diversity, where every nook and cranny exudes history, culture and art. And for this cultural wealth to be fully appreciated, it is up to us, as professionals, to learn about the needs of our audiences. At Brussels Museums, we believe in the power of the collective. So with the […]

Museums that listen – for greater horizontality @Uliège

Educational and cultural institutions are often guided by the idea of transmission, in a generally vertical perspective from “the one who knows” to “the one who doesn’t”. Let’s try to break this pattern! The aim of this project is to experiment with listening strategies at the University of Liège, through its Museum and Cultural Centre, […]

Put out of action: colonial sculptures move @Africamuseum

Put out of action: colonial sculptures move 2023 marks an important moment of reflection on its role in the past, present and future for the AfricaMuseum with both its 125th anniversary and its five-year reopening after renovation. As part of this, the sculpture depot disappears from the permanent display. A group of sculptures were placed […]

Access-i certification & Visit.brussels

Access-i, our essential partner in accessibility, is making buildings, parcs and events in Brussels more accessible. In the space of a year, almost 38 tourist facilities, including 18 museums, have already acquired the label. Wheelchairusers and people with reduced mobility now have easier access to a number of museums, tourist attractions and events. To find […]

The “Multisenso Rail” initiative wins the “Prix CAP 48 de l’Entreprise Citoyenne 2023” @Trainworld

A visit to a museum is not necessarily easy for everyone. That’s why at Train World, the SNCB’s museum, we work every day to continually improve our visitors’ experience and to ensure that everyone is included. By reducing or removing as many physical and mental barriers as possible, Train World aims to offer everyone an […]

Fine art & Human rights @ Fine arts museum

since September 2019. The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium and the Belgian sections of Amnesty International have joined forces to develop a human rights education trail in the heart of the Museums’ collections. This tour deals with different human rights such as equality, migration, women’s rights, freedom and security, justice, etc. in order […]

Art & Mental Illness @met museum

Introducing “Met Escapes: Spring Edition” – an inspiring event specially designed for individuals living with dementia, along with their family members or care partners to immerse themselves in the world of art. The museum environment, known for its serene atmosphere and awe-inspiring exhibits, provides a tranquil setting that encourages relaxation, reflection, and connection. The event […]

Brussels Queer Graphics @ Design Museum

17 may – 5 nov. From the 1950s on, LGBTQI+ communities in Brussels have used graphic design and developed a specific language. This visual language signals their presence and their commitment to a set of shared principles, identities, and values. Shaped by struggle and celebration, turmoil and compromise, this tool of both resistance and resilience […]

BEING HOME IS… @ Jewish Museum of Belgium

  Being Home is … “You have before you the result of the artistic and social project Being Home is … that the Jewish Museum of Belgium set up in 2020-2021 for a dozen of young people, both French-speaking and Dutch-speaking, on the occasion of the photo and video exhibition of Assaf Shoshan – Home. […]