Museum of Ixelles x Open Museum


After a series of in-depth interviews with its first batch of museums, Open Museum is moving on to the next phase: customised awareness workshops on unconscious bias and structural discrimination. On October 6th, the enthusiastic staff of the Museum of Ixelles were the first ones to dive in.

The Museum of Ixelles, which has been closed for renovation since 2016 and is therefore a real “museum in progress”, was the perfect first candidate. Almost the entire team was present, including the director, volunteers and maintenance staff. After an introduction to anti-discrimination legislation, we discussed social privileges and how these are more or less felt by some people in our society. We also clarified the sometimes complex vocabulary surrounding inclusion and participation work. Divided into smaller working groups, the team took a close look at their staff policy, programming and public services and laid the foundations for their future diversity plan.

For more information on the Museum of Ixelles, you can click here.