Matrimony Days

Matrimony Days 2022


22 sept – 25 sept.


“The Matrimony Days shed light on the historical Brussels matrimony – architectural, sculptural, urbanistic, social. On the other hand, the Matrimony Days are also an opportunity to discover the current heritage – artistic, political and feminist.

Beyond the discovery of Brussels’ matrimony, which is sometimes, and often even overshadowed, the fundamental question of access to property ownership for women and related professions is transversally raised during workshops led by female experts and throughout the visits conducted by professionals in the field.

The programme as a whole thus makes it possible to report on the participation of women in the many professions related to heritage.”


Matrimony : Tangible or intangible good of artistic or historical importance inherited from women”


Selection of activities


Opening of the exhibition Queering Brussels / Launch Party Matrimony Days 2022

“Paye ta Truelle!” the feminist struggle in archeology

Conference “The power of fibers: Textiles and women artists” by Virginie Mamet

The Brussels Brontë Group guided walk : In the footsteps of the Brontë Sisters in Brussels

It’s their turn! The women of the Plastic Design Collection of the Design Museum Brussels

Bilingual play (LSFB/FR) – Aurore, Sur le bout des doigts company

FAMILY ACTIVITY / Participatory gardening workshop in the style of Simone Kroll with WAUW