Maison de la Création : TOUTES MAMANS ?

Maison de la Création : TOUTES MAMANS ?


( Past event )


Maison de la création: Toutes Mamans ?


from SUNDAY 6th to FRIDAY 11th MARCH 2022

“Women’s Rights Week is an opportunity to lift the silence that surrounds some of the experiences of motherhood, for both women and men in their relationships with mothers. The status of motherhood is fraught with taboos and injunctions that impact narratives, idealize certain aspects and make others invisible: the social, mental and physical burden that weighs on mothers; the freedom of choice of individuals, regardless of their gender; etc.

The Maison de la création proposes 4 days of animation in the company of artists, associations and professionals from Laken to question, sometimes joyfully and with music, sometimes by sharing experiences, what characterizes the experience of motherhood or non-motherhood today.”

Illustration Fanny Bauman

Sunday March 6 2:00 > 7:00 PM – MC Gare
Monday March 7 9:00 > 12:00 – MC Gare
Thursday March 10 9:00 > 19:00 – MC Cité Modèle
Friday 11 March 9:30 > 15:30 – MC Cité Modèle

Maison de la Création : TOUTES MAMANS ?
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