Brussels Museums’ Mini Diversity Plan


With a desire to become an establishment that is more reflective of our city, Brussels Museums has engaged in transforming its internal functioning. With Actiris, and in the framework of Open Museum, we’ve developed a 9-winged action plan – our very own Mini Diversity Plan.

What did this process look like? The first step was to sign Actiris’ declaration of intention and engagement in diversity and non-discrimination in the Brussels-Capital Region.

This states that we intend to establish a plan with concrete actions in recruitment, personnel management, awareness raising and communication, and external positioning.

After signing the declaration of intentions, we elected a project lead for the project, (for larger institutions, this would be a support team). In Brussels Museums, we are a team of eight and the lead on this mini diversity plan is the Coordinator of Open Museum. An analysis was done of our association, and we found that, at that time, our team was entirely composed of people from Belgium, between the ages of 26 and 59 (26-44: 75%; 45-59: 25%), all with higher education diplomas. There were five women on the team and three men. All parties were people without disabilities.

The groups targeted by our plan are people with a nationality/origin from outside the European Union, people with disabilities, experienced workers (+45), young workers (-26), people with a gender under-represented in our association, and people without a higher education degree.

From here, we discussed with Actiris various actions we could take to help us in the diversification of our hiring process. Download the pdf below to see an overview of our diversity plan.