Black history month Belgium: Fifth edition



(Past event)

Theme: The Power of Assembly

Year: 2022


The year 2022 marks the fifth anniversary of Black History Month in Belgium. After four successful editions, this year’s focus will be on ‘the power of assembly.’ Documenting the different ways Black people in Belgium have gathered together throughout the years and acted in concert to raise awareness, call into question, and explore new ways of thinking, acting, being, creating, exploring, and caring. Coming together for friendship, worship, play, sports, learning, commerce, protest, governing, mourning, healing, or celebration is fundamental. The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 and 2021 and the protests against endemic racism in 2020 have brought new attention to our desire and need to assemble. Groups suddenly coming together in large numbers can be a source of hope. By asserting that we are still existing and taking up space, assembling is an expressive action and a politically significant event, that can happen wordlessly in the course of any gathering. An assembly is not the act of gathering people. An assembly represents the essence of the people who have gathered and the synthesis of their knowledge and commitments.


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Week 1

02.03 – Opening Night, Ancienne Belgique, Brussels — Free music (EN)

03.03 – An Evening on Ecofeminism and Decolonial Ecology + Screening Selina Thompson’s salt:dispersed, Beursschouwburg, Brussels — Free screening (EN)

04.03 – Malcom Ferdinand interview with Vanessa Vovor, Pépite Blues, Brussels — free interview (FR)

04.03 – Concert Night, Ancienne Belgique, Brussels — Concert, Tickets needed (EN)

05.03 – Ideas to Postpone the End of the World, Ailton Krenak, Beursschouwberg, Brussels — Free reading (EN)

05.03 – turn up the music, CORSO, Antwerp — Workshop & party, tickets needed (EN/NL)

05.03 – Collective Listening Session Innocent (2020) with Amelia Umuhire, Beursschouwburg, Brussels — free listening sessions (FR/EN)

05.03 – Vernissage – Please Add Color x Ballon Rouge – Collective Exhibition, Ballon Rouge, Brussels —Free exhibit

05.03 – Preptalk X Black History Month Belgium: Oven en Tafelen, Tafiek + Koer, Gent

05.03 – Screening Anthony Nti, Amelia Umuhire, Audrey, Maxime Jean-Baptiste, Beursschouwburg, Brussels — Free screening (EN)

06.03 – Écolo quoi? – Atelier pour Construire des Narratifs Écologiques et Décoloniaux, JOC Bruxelles — Free workshop (FR)

06.03 – The Great Green Wall, De Cinema, Antwerpen— Documentary with ticket (NL)


Week 2

08.03 – AB Talks Black Female Representation in Music, Ancienne Belgique, Brussels — Ticketed (EN)

10.03 – A Conversation with Black Art Curators, FACE B, Brussels — Free discussion (EN, FR)

11-13.03 – BHM Boekenbeurs, FAMEUS, Antwerpen

11.03 – Gent: Lady Blaxx Invite, Balzaal, Gent — Concert with ticket

12.03 – Black History Month Choir Celebration, Balzaal, Gent — Concert with ticket

12.03 – FATOUMATA DIAWARA, De Roma, Antwerpen —Concert with ticket

13.03 – Book Reading for Young Adults by Lieven Miguel Kandolo & Don Pandzou, “Yaya na Leki”, Fameus, Antwerp — Bookreading with ticket (NL)


Week 3

14-28.03 – Healing Circles, Miranda Aerts, Antwerpen — Healing Circle with ticket (NL)

15.03 – JOLLOF COMPETITION & AFRICAN GAME NIGHT, De Roma, Antwerpen — Games and competition with tickets (EN/FR/NL)

16.03 – (In)tangible – Conversation on Colonial Heritage in the Public Space, deBuren, Brussels — discussion with ticket (EN)

16.03 – Screening – Eyimofe (This Is My Desire) – Egúngún (Masquerade) – RECOGNITION, Beursschouwburg, Brussels — Schermen (EN)

17.03 – Black Men Sharing x Men Talk Too – Redefining Success for Black Men, Muntpunt, Brussels — Free Podcast-taping with public (EN/FR)

18-27.03 – An Assembly of Years in Arts, Fameus, Antwerpen — exhibition

18.03 – Screening + Exhibition – I am Afro Greek Black Portraiture in Greece – Adeola Naomi Aderemi (2022), Tour à Plomb, Brussels —Pay what you can Screening & Exhibition (EN)

18.03 – 02.04 – Black Assembly, Kunsthal, Ghent — exhibition

19.03 – Black Queer Fest, Arenberg, Antwerpen — Activity with ticket


Week 4

22.03 – Screening – Elder’s Corner (2021) – Siji Awoyinka, Tour à Plomb, Brussels — Screening (EN)

23.03 – Sound’nSoul’s curated by Eunice Bathaa, Beursschouwburg, Brussels — Pay what you can (FR)

24.03 – Sebene Night, Arenberg, Antwerpen — Music with ticket (NL/FR/EN)

25.03 – Trap Queens, organisée par Selene Alexa, VK vaartkapoen, Brussels — Music performance with ticket (NL/FR/EN)

26-27.03 – BHM Book Fair, Muntpunt, Brussels — Free Book fair (EN/FR/NL)

26.03 – Screening – The Rumba Kings (2021), Ancienne Belgique, Cinéma Palace, Brussels — Screening (EN)


Week 5

29.03 – Beyond The Hijab a conversation between Black Muslim Women, Brussels — Free discussion (EN/FR/NL)

29.03 – Nneka, De Roma, Antwerpen — Music

30.03 – Lady Blaxx Invites, Zinnema, Brussels — (EN/NL)

31.03 – Local Reporters Wilfam, Antwerpen — Mini-expo

01.04 – Closing party Antwerp, Kavka Oudaan, Antwerpen — Party with ticket (NL/FR/EN)