that’s what x said: Highlight on Léonie Stolberg



(Past event)

From 04/03/2022 to 20/03/2022


“For her solo exhibition, Highlight on Léonie Stolberg, the artist will present her series Rouge mon Amour, a continuation of her series Je t’aime. The series aims to deconstruct the taboos around sexuality and the body. Nowadays, in a world transformed by the pandemic, where we can’t touch, see or smell each other like we used to, it has become even harder to get naked, physically and emotionally, to love each other and ourselves. Léonie makes her way into the intimacy of people who love each other bearing witness to the different ways of loving. She wants to highlight both the strength and vulnerability of love, while challenging and raise viewers’ curiosity.

Originally, Rouge mon Amour was the preparatory stage to a short film co-produced by Dim Kelly and Benoît Baudson. While working on it, Léonie decided to keep the series as it was and to develop it further.

Léonie Stolberg’s photographs promote self-love and body acceptation. Léonie’s artistic practice goes beyond the photoshoot, encompassing the whole process from pre-production to post-production. Her creative process starts the moment she makes contact with the models and doesn’t end until the photograph is printed. For Léonie, each meeting is unique and becomes a part of her personal story.”


Opening Thursday March 3rd 2022

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