QUEER EXHIBITION HISTORIES – Symposium @ Kanal Centre Pompidou


3 june.

Coinciding with the launch of Queer Exhibition Histories, a new publication edited by KANAL curator Bas Hendrikx, this symposium examines the efforts of artists and curators from the LGBTQIA+ community to show their work in European museums and society at large over the past decades.
While artistically oriented, the projects and events in question were also discursive, activist, educational, or in some cases could serve as tools for community building. Their legacy has been compromised by the conditions of their existence: often being ephemeral, restricted to private spaces, or intended for insiders only.

With the participation of :  Bas Hendrikx, Valentina Iancu,  Queer Vistas, Jessica Gysel, Iris Lafon, Kopano Maroga, Liang-Kai Yu, Camille Kervella, Maria Vtorushina, Élisabeth Lebovici & François Piron

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