MuseumTalks – Decolonise Nature @ AfricaMuseum



(Past event)

12.30 – 13.30


Decolonise Nature: Learning from multiple ways of knowing

Anywar Godwin, Njabulo Chipangura & Mercy Gloria Ashepet


“The current education systems and academic institutes have, to a large extent, propagated solely academic models of describing ‘nature’. But could and should we not speak of multiple ways of knowing and living with ‘nature’? In this MuseumTalk we shall discuss ‘nature’ from different perspectives, beyond the dominant academic models which too often neglect and marginalize indigenous and local knowledge systems.

Given the ongoing challenges we are facing nowadays, it might be time to braid academic knowledge with other knowledge systems, to (co-)create an inclusive story of Nature.”


MuseumTalk in English. Registration required.


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