Aimé Mpane – The first Congolese artist in the MRBA



(Past event)

from 15.10.2021 > 13.02.2022





“As part of the Museum in Questions campaign launched in autumn 2021, the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium are keen to participate in the debate surrounding current social issues. Two exhibition rooms contextualize two burning issues for museums around the world: by shedding scientific light on the questions of colonialism and diversity, on the one hand, and on the issue of the restitution of cultural goods looted during the Second World War, on the other, the RMFAB aims to be a laboratory for reflection that will allow us to take part in the construction of the museum of tomorrow, by insisting on what scientific research, the primary mission of the museum, can bring to the contemporary debate.

The first Congolese artist to exhibit at the Royal Museums, he divides his time between Kinshasa, his hometown, and Brussels, his place of residence, which allows him to take a dynamic look at the history of art but also at the history of civilizations. An artist of dialogue, it is in a resilience impregnated with hope that Aimé Mpane uses his work to create bridges. Giant images, augmented realities, passages “on the other side of the mirror” … the universe of Mpane reflects the intelligence of “Why not?”, the intelligence of a “local nomad” who dreams for the Congo and Belgium, and for humanity, of a true brotherhood.”




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