July 7, 2022 – International Day of Kiswahili @ AfricaMuseum



(Past event)

International Day of Kiswahili, 07/07/22 at the AfricaMuseum


” The AfricaMuseum celebrates the first International Kiswahili Day! On November 23, 2021, UNESCO officially designated July 7 as the International Day of Kiswahili, the first African language to receive this honor and hopefully not the last. The museum is celebrating this event in collaboration with the Tanzanian Embassy.

Standing guides will tell you how Kiswahili is present in our permanent exhibition. If you’ve been wanting to learn more Kiswahili than “hakuna matata” for a long time, you can meet Kiswahili teachers that same day. Scientists will explain more about the history of Kiswahili and children will dive into the wonderful world of Kiswahili methali or proverbs or learn how to wear a kanga properly and what you can tell with it.”


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Translated from dutch