DiversiCom: Disability and Employment Awareness Workshops: 22/04/2022


(Past event)

DiversiCom: Disability and Employment Awareness Workshops


Do you want to create a link with your colleagues around the subject of disability?
Do you need to understand it yourself to better include it in your company?

Then come and try our awareness workshops, put yourself in a situation and meet other companies that are mobilizing.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday 22 April from 9.00 to 11.30:


Situational workshops (2h30)
Three workshops to discover the world of disability and understand the difficulties of the people concerned in order to identify the actions to implement to improve their daily life.
The focus will be on hearing and visual impairments, motor disabilities and disabling diseases.


Specific objectives:
To raise awareness of disability issues at work (analysis of representations, fears, types of disability, disability in relation to the labor market, etc.).
Demystify disability and the relationship with people with disabilities
Through experimentation and role-playing, become aware of the realities of various types of disability
Debate, exchange on the difficulties and assets observed, learn from the group’s experiences
Learn about existing accommodations, identify the “Plus Handicap”, understand the recommendations for working well with a colleague with a disability
Why not then offer these workshops to your company’s staff? And create with them the desire for more inclusion!


Method: The session is led by DiversiCom trainers and combines informative, practical, fun and interactive dimensions
Target audience: all staff members, all functions and categories
Practicalities: the training will take place on site
8.45: Welcome and breakfast
9.00- 11.30 : Workshops in sub-groups
Date: Friday, April 22, 2022


Quick links :
The complete program and practical details: Cycle 2022 of inter-company training + agenda The registration form (for the sessions of your choice): Registration
For any practical question: [email protected]

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