Brussels2030 Summer Assembly



(Past event)

Join the first Brussels2030 Summer Assembly

What is your dream vision for the Brussels of tomorrow?

4 – 8 July 2022, Tour à Plomb, Brussels



“A tantalizing multi-day programme filled with keynotes, cocreation labs, workshops, field trips, movie screenings, artistic performances, …

The very first Brussels2030 Summer Assembly offers a space where diverse urban actors can inspire one another and initiate processes of collaborative city-making. Participants and contributors will explore needs and challenges, produce scenarios and tools for working towards desirable urban futures, in and beyond the Brussels context.

Our aim is to encourage rich encounters and dialogues. We therefore welcome people with diverse personal, professional and disciplinary backgrounds. Whether you are an engaged citizen or student, working in a Brussels-based organization, public administration, university, or want to start-up your own initiative, you’re all very much welcome! A variety of activities are proposed, building on participatory and engaged/engaging methods. They aim to inspire Brussels and the Brussels2030 project.”



Examples from the program:

  • Re-imagining Brussels: Telling another Story
  • Mobilizing the population, coproducing the city

  • Minority Walk + Lab
  • Speculative Futures for Brussels