BEING HOME IS… @ Jewish Museum of Belgium



Being Home is …

“You have before you the result of the artistic and social project Being Home is … that the Jewish Museum of Belgium set up in 2020-2021 for a dozen of young people, both French-speaking and Dutch-speaking, on the occasion of the photo and video exhibition of Assaf Shoshan – Home.

True to its philosophy of openness, the Jewish Museum asked them to look for various stereotypes present in contemporary society from the experiences of a “minority”, Judaism, and to represent them through images.

From an exploration of themselves and the work of Assaf Shoshan, the young people investigated what stereotypes and prejudices can lead to, how an image can question the obvious and make us realize that our ideas about the other are often unfounded.

Home did get a very special aftertaste during this period. What was initially a critical and wondering question about what Home is, shriveled, through radical measures in social life, into Being Home is …, with a physical removal of the Other. Folding back into oneself inevitably followed. Out of the dynamics of the workshops, however, grew the power to unload the self familiar and show the world from the gaze of the Other. Thus, this magazine not only reflects the oppressive atmosphere of the pandemic, but also became a hopeful letting go of stereotypes and prejudices.”



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Translated from dutch