Art & Mental Illness @met museum


Introducing “Met Escapes: Spring Edition” – an inspiring event specially designed for individuals living with dementia, along with their family members or care partners to immerse themselves in the world of art. The museum environment, known for its serene atmosphere and awe-inspiring exhibits, provides a tranquil setting that encourages relaxation, reflection, and connection. The event aims to enhance the well-being and quality of life for individuals living with dementia. It acknowledges the immense value that art can bring, transcending language and memory barriers to tap into a deeper, emotional realm. By engaging with the beauty and diversity of The Met’s collection, attendees can discover new avenues for self-expression and personal growth.┬áThis unique initiative offers a welcome respite from the demands of everyday life, inviting participants to engage in in-person explorations of captivating works of art from The Met collection.

Find an interview of a former beneficiairies who became a caregiver at the institution.