What is Open Museum doing? What inclusive and participatory projects are our Museums setting up? We keep you updated here.

Brussels Museums Inclusive Language Charter

Inclusive or gender-neutral language first aim is to reduce gender stereotyping by paying more attention to how certain images and words can be (unconsciously) discriminatory or biased and how to avoid such formulations. Besides gender, inclusive language in English actively avoids ableist and racist phrasings. We strive for a representative, gender-equal and non-sexist language use.

Brussels Museums’ Mini Diversity Plan

Brussels Museums’ Mini Diversity Plan – With a desire to become an establishment that is more reflective of our city, Brussels Museums has engaged in transforming its internal functioning.

Meet the Think Tank

Meet the team of people working to redefine museum culture with Open Museum. ICHRAF NASRI Ichraf Nasri (she/her) is a Tunisian visual artist based in Brussels. Holder of a Master’s degree in Plastic Arts from the School of Fine Arts in Sousse, Tunisia, she complimented this curriculum with a Master’s degree in Photography at ENSAV […]

Belgian Pride & Museums

On the importance of documenting LGBTQIA+ experiences through archives and collections.

Museums are not neutral: why it matters more now than ever

A statement by Brussels Museums in response to the necessary Black Lives Matter protests.